Box of smiles

Keep your town smiling and gift someone a box of smiles that helps support local businesses

Say thanks

Appreciate your team for their hard work under difficult circumstances.

Help people, help people

Connect people to brands in their own community.

Say it with love

Spread a message of care and kindness in a tense time.

Who you are helping

Every purchase supports local business.   It gives you or a recipient, our team, and our local partners a reason to smile!

woman smiling while making coffee
People planning their route on a map

Our story

We are the team behind Elite Event Management. Normally we are organising outdoor sports events across the country.

Our team is awesome. We’re good at customer care, logistics, web, social and creative.  We have put our minds to  good use and created Box of Smiles to keep your town smiling.

The problem

Local small businesses across the country are finding it difficult during these challenging times. Covid-19 has caused a steep decline in all industries. Many businesses have had to adapt to meet the challenge of the new normal.

empty handcrafted goods shop in Tipperary
Box of smiles logo green with a boxed tranparent background 500x500

The solution

The Solution – Box of Smiles
Gift boxes filled with high quality products, sourced from local small businesses in each town where we operate.

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